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Demo included. English & French support. 1/2 players  screen split.

This is a puzzle game with easy rules  and fast gameplay. You move alchemical flasks at wanted positions in board game, the hexagrams of the level alchemical formula. Each color flask is a different alchemical element.

Just select a flask or other moveable element, and push it in one cardinal directions. It  will stop his move when hitting a board wall, other game element or mechanism.

Level is won when all flasks are over same color hexagrams.

You will have to deal with more 20 differents elements and mechanisms along the game. Discover glass, wood and metal alchemical flasks, sharp stakes, conveyors, auto-pneumatic pit holes, soft return back hydraulic cylinders, gunpowder barrels, Greek fires, rotating flails, keys and locks, alchemical harrows, wagons, sand-glass, alchemical fountains, antique jars, inverters for reversible conveyors, anti magnetic fields, alchemical trash cans, and some others who will comes in to come series levels.

Include 3 game modes and 20 optionals tutorials levels to initiate player with elements and mechanisms, just as much as board labyrinths moving techniques.

In One player and Team game mode, you must resolve the 55 levels of the Original series levels. In Team mode, 2 players can play at same time in screen split. When one player win, the team win. Progression system use won levels and medals count. Medals are allowed for recorded levels time to win. 5 players and teams profiles for save game progression.

You can also use Battle game mode for 2 players.  Choose difficulty and game randomize levels for 3 or 5 rounds battles with one rule, be the faster to win.

Game difficulty of the Original series levels is not adapted to young childs. That will evoluate with new series in short time.  Most important, levels are designed to never block the player with a mistake, with progressive difficulty. Game is for people who like brain challenges, like manipulations puzzles games, chess problems, strategy, all games who need to anticipate moves, and discover news mechanisms... You can load the demo who include tutorial and the 10 first levels.

By default, time is limited, but you can stop timer at any time when playing, and progress in game without stress.

You can use one keyboard for 2 players. Players can also use the mouse or Xbox compatible pads, with digital or analogic.

Full game include for  now 75 levels, 20 tutorials, 55 in game. About 5/10 hours of play. Full English or French.

Carefull : Game need 16/9 screen or window to work. Tested from 1280*720 to 1920*1080. Seem work at lower resolutions or windows sizes. Game is originaly designed to work in 1920*1080 screen or windows,  try to use this résolution for best results.

You can load the demo and try it in doubt. Modify launcher controls setup only if bad results in game, better to configure controls in game if needed.

Demo include full 20 levels playable tutorial and the 10 first levels of Original levels series, playable in Solo and Team game modes.

Version 1.1

For users of old v1.0, full or demo, just uninstall it or remove the game repertory before full new install. You will no lose your game saves.

Modifications. Big graphic update, than that was a big problem... herm. Not all new, but big changes. Sorry, it's no beautifull, but eyes bleed a bit less for most. Some levels little changes, but no need to replay. Medals reference times not modified but times limits are now more cool, and you can play without time limit just by pressing T key.  Soo the game is very more easy. Big code debbug too.

Bug report in demo v1.1: Medals not displayed...sorry... 


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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