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Demo versions included. English & French support. One or two players in split screen. Version 1.3. March 2021.

Puzzle game with easy rules  and very fast intuitive gameplay. You move alchemical flasks at  wanted positions in game levels.

Just select one flask or an another moveable element, like barrels or train cars, and push it in one cardinal direction. Flask will stop his move when hitting a board wall or other game element. You will can send it to another position or select an other flask to move. Levels are won when all flasks are over the same color hexagrams.

You have to deal with more 20 differents game elements and mechanisms along the levels. Discover glass, wood and metal alchemical flasks, flasks regenerators, sharp stakes, conveyors, auto-pneumatic pit holes, soft return back hydraulic cylinders, gunpowder barrels, Greek fires, rotating flails, keys and locks, alchemical harrows, train cars, sand-glass, alchemical fountains, antique jars, inverters for reversible conveyors, anti magnetic fields, alchemical trash cans ( and more to come).

Include 3 game modes and 3 levels series for a total of 100 levels, 30 to 50 hours of play for most players. You also have 20 optionals tutorials levels to initiate with mechanisms, just as much as board moving.

In Team game mode, you play in split screen. When one player win, the team win. Progression system use won levels or medals count. Medals are allowed to fasters players and teams. You can use 5 players and teams profiles to save game progressions.

You can also play the two players Battle game mode.  Choose a difficulty and the game randomize levels for rounds battles with one rule, be the faster to win.

Important, levels are designed to dont block player with mistakes or bad choices ( except in levels including anti magnetic fields). In fact, you can win after any bad manipulation. Exemple: if you break a glass flask or burn one in wood, the game give an another to you. 

By default, time is limited, but you can stop timer when playing to progress in game without stress, with active game progression.

Controls: One keyboard for 2 players. Players can also use mouse or Xbox compatible pads with stick or arrows ( read at down page for Mac OS and Linux versions).

The demo versions include the 20 playable tutorial levels  and the 10 first levels of Original and Garden Part One series, in one player and team game modes.

Please note: The game is not intented for young children ( less than 10/12 years old). Although the levels are referenced from very easy to very difficult, the overall difficulty of the game is quite hight.

Read this carefully, for Windows PC, Mac OS and Linux versions. Pdf documentation also included in game repertory. If you are unsure about the following informations, try your system demo version in first.

All versions  need 16/9 full screen or window to work. Tested from 720*400 to 1920*1080 and above. 2D graphics designed in full HD.

MacOs and Linux:

I could no try X360 pad on Mac os and Linux. You can try, but consider you can only play with keyboard and mouse ( and that's very cool ). 

No executable installers for now. Game is in zipped repertory. Unzip it where you want on your system.

MacOs. Full and demo versions exist 2 versions.  32bit for old MacOs versions, and 64bit for MacOs latest versions. Like as already say, try the demo version to be sure that game work on your system.

Updates history,  how update old versions.

Important for old versions users. Old saving system was very buggy and  no more compatible with this new version. I'm very sorry for losed progressions. The problem will not happen again with later versions.

Uninstall or remove old versions repertory before installing new version.

V1.3 full release. March 2021, informations:  -Garden Part Two levels series added, with 20 new levels (only in one player game mode for now).  -All know bugs removed.  - Little adds in main page screen.  -Time added for more half of the levels.  -Level 49 of the Original Series  modified to avoid impossible solution in some cases. New know bug: insects walking a bit in dark zone arround the play zone on the new level 8.

V1.2. May 2019.  First new content with 25 news levels.
Many removed bugs and others modifications: punctual moves bugs for player 2, crazy train cars in some cases, main menu in distress, moving bugs in levels with trash cans. Modification of needed medals number or won levels number to unlock series chapters, game a bit more easy with longer allowed times.

V1.1 February 2019.  Big graphic update. Many little bugs removed. Add of unlimited time if wanted. Allowed times more longs. Some smalls modifications in few levels.

V1.0 - 2018... first launch.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date Jul 09, 2018
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorDidier Capdevielle
GenrePuzzle, Strategy
Made withPyxel Edit, Unity, Audacity, Tiled
Tags2D, Board Game, Brain Training, Difficult, DRM Free, Local multiplayer, Singleplayer, Sokoban, Top-Down
Average sessionAbout an hour
LanguagesEnglish, French
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller
AccessibilityInteractive tutorial
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 2


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Little Alchemist Lab V1.3 Windows Setup.exe 182 MB
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Little Alchemist Lab MacOs 32bit.zip 232 MB

Download demo

Little Alchemist Lab Demo V1.3 Windows Setup.exe 177 MB
Little Alchemist Lab Demo Linux.zip 222 MB
Little Alchemist Lab Demo MacOs 64bit.zip 222 MB
Little Alchemist Lab Demo MacOs 32bit.zip 221 MB

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