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Demo included. English & French support. 1/2 players  screen split.

Puzzle and manipulation game with easy rules  and fast gameplay. You move alchemical flasks at wanted positions in board game, the hexagrams of the level alchemical formula. Each color flask is a different alchemical element.

Just select a flask or other moveable element, and push it in one cardinal directions. It  will stop his move when hitting a board wall, other game element or mechanism.

Level is won when all flasks are over same color hexagrams.

You will have to deal with more 20 differents elements and mechanisms along two series of levels. Discover glass, wood and metal alchemical flasks, sharp stakes, conveyors, auto-pneumatic pit holes, soft return back hydraulic cylinders, gunpowder barrels, Greek fires, rotating flails, keys and locks, alchemical harrows, wagons, sand-glass, alchemical fountains, antique jars, inverters for reversible conveyors, anti magnetic fields, alchemical trash cans, and some others who will comes in to come series levels.

Include 3 game modes and 20 optionals tutorials levels to initiate player with elements and mechanisms, just as much as board labyrinths moving techniques.

In One player and Team game mode, you must resolve the 55 levels of the Original series and the 25 levels of the Garden Series Part One. In Team mode, 2 players play at same time in screen split. When one player win, the team win. Progression system use won levels and medals count. Medals are allowed for recorded levels time to win. 5 players and teams profiles for save game progression.

The difficulty of the new Garden Series levels is more easy. You have to deal with only two flasks. Soo, Garden Series is ranked as easy, and Original Series from easy to hard.

You can also use Battle game mode for 2 players.  Choose difficulty and game randomize levels for 3 or 5 rounds battles with one rule, be the faster to win. For now, the played levels in Battle are selected in Original Series. 

Important, levels are designed to never block the player with a mistake, except in one case, levels including anti magnetic field, where players actions prediction is impossible. In other case, you can win after any bad manipulation. Game is for people who like brain challenges, like manipulations puzzles games, chess problems, strategy, all games who need to anticipate moves, and discover news mechanisms... You can load the demo who include tutorial and the 10 first levels of the two included series.

By default, time is limited, but you can stop timer at any time when playing, and progress in game without stress.

You can use one keyboard for 2 players. Players can also use the mouse or Xbox compatible pads ( for Windows, read after for Mac OS and Linux versions), with digital or analogic.

Full game include now 80 levels more 20 tutorials. About 10/ 20 hours of play for the majority. Full English or French game support.

Demo include 20 levels playable tutorial and the 10 first levels of Original levels series and Garden Series part 1: 20 levels playable in Solo and Team game modes.

Important, V1.2 have a big datas bug, crash in Tutorial and datas dont save. Follow the procedure in comments to solve the bug and play normaly after. It's very easy, do it for all players or teams profiles you want use. Sorry for problem, already solved in coming 1.3 version.

Read this carefully, for Windows PC, Mac OS and Linux users in particular about XBox 360 controllers...

Windows PC.  Game need 16/9 full screen or window to work. Tested from 720*400 to 1920*1080.  Game is originaly designed to work in 1920*1080 screen or window,  try to use this resolution for best results, but others resolutions are ok.

You can load the demo and try it in doubt. Dont modify launcher controls setup before try in game. 800 Mo on HDD, 650 Mo for demo. PDF documentation included.

Mac Os. Same, game need 16/9 screen or window to work.  Tested succesfully on IMac in 9 full screens and windows resolutions from 960*540 to 2048*1152. Try use 1920*1080 for best results. Tested badly on old AirMac, game limited to 1440*900, game work fine, playable, but all texts are crazy, no way to solve it for now...

I could no try X360 pad. Consider you can only play with keyboard and mouse( and that's very cool ). I don't remove pad menu options for now, waiting for feed-back and possiblity to work on a Mac. Try the demo in doubt.

No executable installer for now. Game is fully in a repertory. You must load the repertory Zip archive and decompress it where you want on your system. 640 Mo on HDD, 510 Mo for demo. PDF documentation included.

Linux users. Only demo version disponible for now. No executable installer. Game is fully in a repertory.I could no try Linux versions for now :(, soo problems must be sames that on Mac Os. Read about just up. If someone want try it and give me feedback, that would be super cool. 640 Mo on HDD, 510 Mo for demo.

Update history and know bugs.

Update for versions 1.0 or 1.1 users. If you have version 1.0 or 1.1 installed, full or demo, uninstall it or delete game repertory. Your saves don't be affected. Install new version 1.2.

V1.2 – 2019 May. Include first new content, the first part of “ Garden Series”. This include 25 levels of easy difficulty, to compensate the difficulty of the original levels. You manipulate only two flasks and sometime some others objects. Original levels become the “Original series”.
Code debug: punctual movements for player 2, crazy wagons, main menu in distress, translation errors. And so many others that I do not even remember.
Partial modification of needed medals number or won levels number to unlock series chapters, game a bit more easy.

V1.2 is also first release for Mac OS and Linux.

Know bug. Game sometime crash at tutorial first use, just after the level loading. If happens, try after restart and have selected an another player ( start a solo or team game for that, you can select other player just after, select player or team 2,3,4 or 5), all tutorial work fine after.

V1.1 - 2019 February. Big graphic update. Code debugging. New code for future new levels series. Add of unlimited time ( just press T). Allowed times more longs. Only reference times for medals don't change. Some littles modifications in few levels,  nothing important.

V1.0 - 2018... first launch.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Little Alchemist Lab V1.2 setup.exe 164 MB
Little Alchemist Lab v1.2.app.zip 222 MB

Download demo

Little Alchemist Lab V1.2 Demo setup.exe 160 MB
Little Alchemist Lab Demo v1.2.app.zip 210 MB
Little Alchemist Lab Demo v1.2.zip 211 MB

Development log


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Fantastic game  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Very Tanks to you :))))).

First comment after near 3 years of work, positive in more, i love you.

Than you like the game, you will know in first. A new free levels series will come in few days, in first days of january if no bigs problems. Levels are just ready, now dosing difficulty, and time to do the graphics in next days. Difficulty is from easy to medium. Hermm, i say that than max flasks is 4 in smalls levels, but somes are...not easy at all :))). I think it's a good series with good brain challenges.


you should put this game on more platform like  steam. Android. ios

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Tks again. I need help now, to go on others platforms, to have visiblity too, or that will be same than here, less 700 page views in more one year... Was no working on computers since near 30 years. I know nothing more than i learn to do game, in devellopement, and devellopement world peoples... nothing was easy, and publishing here was not easy, but more easy... In fact, i need to find alimentary job soo have more urgent thinks than game. That was long way, than after more one year work, i was having peoples good feedbacks on devellopement version in a public event, but 3 contacted game editors kill me, or my heart ( one dont understand level 2, the other the level 4, for true and that was soo bad to see,  words was very hard and bad)... soo, that was hard to continue. I finish the V1.3 and will try publishing in others ways with.

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Damn...For saving bug...

Game save progress eatch time you win a level or progress in your times or medal, excatly when you see the end level panel.

If problem, you must re-iniatialise your player profile. Its a new bug that has happen in v1.2, i think the same than tutorial crash. He dont happens if V1.1 was previously installed.

Try that pls: Start or continue a game in main page. In the next screen menu, select change/modify player profile. In next menu, select modify player profile, and in next screen, use delete player  x saved game...and confirm.

Exit game ( Windows or other os) and start again, that will be ok.

 If dont work, try to play the first level of the Original serie, and win or lose it with end time...the missing data will be saved for normal working after ( exit game and restart it too).  I have solved the problem when testing on a new PC, and forget it after, must be do for each used player or team profile).

Say me if ok pls, if it's ok, bug is already removed in next working version.

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Bug Report. Crash on tutorial or missing saves progression.

If game crash at the first run of tutorial, restart the game. Start a game, use the change/modify player profile and use delete player saved game. Exit the game and restart it. All fine after.

If dont work, you must after play the first level of Original series. Win it or lose with time limit. The game will save missing datas when you see the end level score panel. Exit the game ( windows) and start it again.

Bug will be removed on next update, v1.3 is coming for january 2020 ( added december 2019).